Wednesday July 26 , 2017

Breast Lift And Reshaping

Significant weight loss often results in the loss of fatty tissue in the breasts. This can range from mild to severe and cause the breasts to look deflated. The stretched skin on the breast can also give the breasts a damaged look. The nipple area may sag and become distorted. The inframammary crease under the breast turns semi-linear from its normal semi-circular form. This occurs because of the weight of the back rolls and excess abdominal tissue. The breasts become displaced, gravitating downward and outward, resulting in a broadening and flattening of the breasts as well as a loss of projection.

Any changes that occur typically happen independently, creating some degree of asymmetry on the body. It is not unusual for the breasts to become asymmetrical in shape or size. Some individuals will experience breasts that are deflated and empty, while other individuals will have very large breasts, known as macromastia. Other individuals will experience something in between these two extremes. Regardless, most individuals who lose a significant amount of weight will need some type of breast lift surgery. The procedure is often performed in conjunction with breast reduction or augmentation.

Individuals with macromastia and sagging benefit from a procedure known as the dermal bra suspension technique, which was published in 2007 in "Plastic Surgery Book: Aesthetic Surgery after Massive Weight Loss." This surgical technique consists of a wise-pattern breast reduction coupled with an internal breast lift.

Individuals who need breast volume qualify for breast implants or the use of excess upper body tissue for a breast augmentation. Using existing excess body tissue is a surgical technique that was published in 2006 in "Annals of Plastic Surgery." This is a safe and effective strategy for many individuals in order to aesthetically contour the upper chest, breasts and back. Using the excess tissue from the upper abdomen, chest or back to supplement the lost volume of breast tissue helps treat the breast deformity and upper body laxity at the same time. The upper body lift surgery and breast reshaping are performed simultaneously.

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