Wednesday July 26 , 2017

Buttock Lift

Many individuals who lose a large amount of weight tend to have lower body rolls, as well as a deflated and sagging buttocks. The buttocks can become deflated, sag and broaden over the back of the upper thigh. The buttocks can also lose its roundness and projection. Although most weight loss patients benefit from a buttock lift, some elect to have their buttocks reduced at the same time. However, most patients elect to have the buttock augmented and lifted. In our practice, we have developed procedures for buttock enhancement that focus on optimizing the shape and projection, while lifting buttock tissue to smoothen the contour.

Buttocks Lift and Reduction

A buttocks reduction is beneficial for those who wish to have a smaller buttocks. Buttocks reductions usually call for a buttocks lift coupled with a reshaping of the buttocks. Reshaping and reducing the buttocks requires a customized strategy that utilizes an artistic eye, keen 3 dimensional sense and knowledge of a female's proportionality in order for it to be a success. Excess skin and tissue from the upper buttocks area and lower back are removed during this procedure. The tissue in the buttocks is then lifted to a position predetermined on the lower back. The aesthetically pleasing V-shaped depression that is located between the buttocks and back is reconstructed, as the buttocks is reformed and reshaped into a more desired round shape. In some cases, a buttocks reduction and lift causes the buttocks to flatten. When this happens, the projection of the buttocks is restored using fat micrografts or other techniques aimed at restoring roundness to the buttocks.

Buttocks Lift and Augmentation

In other cases, individuals want or need more volume in their buttocks. This can occur when major weight loss causes the buttocks to become loose and severely deflated. A buttocks augmentation and lift is beneficial for individuals who need reshaping and volume. Moderate degrees of augmentation can be achieved when using a technique that involves creating pockets under the buttocks in order for the tissue of the lower back to be mobilized and used to augment the buttocks. Next, the buttocks are lifted to a position already determined on the lower back as a way to reconstruct the V-shaped demarcation. This complex surgery, which necessitates advanced training in body contouring techniques, is typically performed in conjunction with a lower body lift.

Buttocks Fat Transfer

To ensure an aesthetic look to the buttocks during a body lift, buttocks fat transfer (lipoaugmentation) is performed to contour and sculpt the shape and projection of the buttocks. Buttocks lipoaugmentation is a surgical procedure that calls for harvesting the body's fat tissue from the hips, flanks, thighs, lower back or abdomen, and then placing that fat into the buttocks. In order for the transplanted fat tissue to be placed into the buttocks and survive, the buttocks must already have a foundation of some fat and muscle present. Buttocks fat transfer allows for the ability to sculpt and fill the buttocks to a rounded and perkier shape.

The fat tissue that is to be removed from the body is done so from selected areas via liposuction while ensuring the protection of the living fat cells. Once the fat is liposuctioned, it is washed with an antibiotic solution, processed and then injected as small drops or as micrografts into the buttocks. By layering fine fat micrografts into the buttocks area, the volume and projection can be effectively increased. As the injection of fat is taking place, the buttocks are contoured into the desired shape and size.

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